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[Action: Your character's living room!]

I noticed a few problems immediately.

The first was that I wasn't outside of Johnny Marcone's office building. In fact, I wasn't even outside. I seemed to be in some sort of small apartment. 

The second was that I couldn't feel the Winter Mantle. Which sucked, because I had been in really, really rough shape.

The third was that I wasn't in really, really rough shape. In fact, I felt fine. The only thing that hurt was my back.

The fourth was that my back hurt. Specifically, my shoulderblades hurt. And I had the most peculiar feeling of deja vu, in the same way that getting dropped into molten steel gives you a peculiar feeling of warmth. That, and the familiarity of the apartment...

"Oh hell's bells, you cannot be serious."

[OOC: So for today's exceptionally late re-intro, enjoy 1 Harry Dresden, slightly confused, and appearing in somebody else's house for a change.]

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Months of preparation, weeks of repair, and almost a year of planning were finally coming to fruition. Little Luceti was ready for the first test run. I had attuned every building, every fixture, every curve of the earth and bend of the rivers, and if I did it just right...

I focused. Concentrated on the village. And then...

Then my senses were assaulted. It was like Little Chicago, if I were sensing the entire city in one place. I reeled back and fell to the floor, losing my connection with the model, my head pounding.

"The hell?"

In a daze, I clambered to my feet. After taking a moment to keep my balance and muscle through the head-rush, I went to the window and peered out...

And an entire throng of people was outside.

People without wings.

I threw on my duster, grabbed my blasting rod and my revolver, and headed outside to see just what the hell was happening.

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Hey, for those who were interested, the Mage Group meeting is going to take place on the 4th at 2:00 PM, on the beach. If anybody who's interested can't make it at that time, let me know, we'll work something out.


I was finally satisfied with my preparations for the magic group. The date was set, the location was set, I had ideas for projects and subjects to cove and even a few reference materials for the people I was working with.

So I went back to my old habitual pastime- trying to find my magical accessories. I was beginning to think that finding them in the items shop was a pipe dream, so now I was just looking for the base materials I'd need to start from scratch- starting with a trip to the woods to find the material for a new blasting rod.

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[Written- Filtered from Richard Sharpe, 5% (Apparently he hasn't learned a lot in the last couple months) ]

Hey, just a note to all witches, wizards, spellcasters, and magic users. I've already talked to a couple of you about this, but now I'm going to make it official- I'm starting up a magic group. The idea of the group is simple- anybody who wants to can come and talk about- and learn about- magic, and hopefully we can even get some sort of magically-oriented projects underway. So if you're a magic user and feel like sharing, or even if you're not and you're just curious, let me know what a good time is and how many people are interested. I'll try to set us up with a good meeting place.


After I sent out the message over the journals, I headed out to the library and pulled out a whole mess of magic books, then went to Good Spirits to go over them. Most of it was crap, but who knows what kinds of decent magical information and rituals from other worlds might turn up in here?
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Voice/written )


That done, I tucked my journal in my pocket and went into town. I felt a pressing need to talk to people, which, let me tell you, never happens to me. Ever. Plus, there were a couple awkward conversations I wanted to have.
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[He's been searching for hours. He's probably a bit drunk at this point, and more than a little put out, but he has to find them.

He knows they're here. He knows they are.

He's been going back and forth between the clothing shop and the weapons shop all day, searching. He's reasoned it out, see. Every time he leaves and comes back, he finds that whatever bloody fairy magic makes this place work has changed the contents of the shops. So if he leaves faster, comes back faster, they'll change faster. He's not seen people bringing things to and from the shops, so it must be more of whatever madness this village is full of, right?

Well. It didn't work, it turns out- if there are 'Shifts' on the shops, he can't induce them. Which is when he went out and got a drink, and now, drunk, has decided to just look for them anyway.

They have to be here.

He walks into the smithy again, silently shifting through the various weapons in their various racks. He's seen all manner of primitive weapons, even one or two that resemble guns, but he wouldn't have the least idea how to operate them. More of that advanced technology from other worlds, he supposes. It all sounds terribly farfetched to him, but what's a soul to believe when he wakes up with wings and a magic book that lets you talk to people?]

"I know you're here, damn you, stop hiding!"

[Wait. Wait, what was that? There. Far wall, near the corner... he heads over. It is. It is. A Baker rifle, battered but still in perfect working order.

He should know, he's the one who kept it that way. He reaches out and grasps the rifle, and with a series of practiced, ritualistic movements, he inspects it.

Not just any rifle. His own rifle. He knows every single scuff and scrape on the weapon's surface, remembers the battle that put each mark in its place. Never anything that would affect the weapon's performance. He was always very particular about avoiding that.

He has his rifle. He'd already had his rifleman's jacket, found a week after his arrival. Why was there nothing of the Major's property here?

Well. He couldn't very well give his jacket to Sharpe- he was far too tall and skinny for that, of course- but this? This was something he could set right.]

[Voice, locked to Richard Sharpe- the filter isn't even at 1%, he's rubbish at them.]

"Begging your pardon, Major, but I believe I've found something you may want to have a look at."

[He seems to have acquired a bit of a Cockney accent somewhere along the line.

Feel free to find him around the village, searching through the weapons earlier in the day, or, as is so terribly common, getting thoroughly drunk in Good Spirits.]

[Notes: Unlike Sharpe, Harry has his Rifleman's jacket and typically wears it into town. He's been camping with Sharpe, rather than taking an apartment in town. He's also clean-cut and clean-shaven in the military, in sharp contrast to his usual... scruff.

He's still about three miles tall, though.]
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I'd been keeping myself busy for the past week or so, starting when Molly arrived, and had thus far found very little success with anything. There were no thresholds to work with, there were no ley lines to tap into, there were no places rich with magical energy to utilize, and I'd be damned if I was going to try and open a gate to the Nevernever again.

I did not need that bitch of a migraine to come back.

So, along with my apprentice, I began scouting around the village looking for any significant mystical resources. She was also interested in the Filial spirits, but frankly, they sound too much like the Fey for my taste, and I've had quite enough of that, thanks.

Today, however, I was doing something more personally significant. I was going to make myself a new staff, because clearly the old one wasn't showing up any time soon. Unfortunately, this process takes freaking forever, and I had no idea where to start.

So I figured I'd phone a friend.

[Written- filtered from Richard Sharpe 3%] [Hey, he sucks at filters, give him a break.]

Hey. Any and all spellcasters, magic-workers, witches, wizards, and anybody else who knows how to work with magic and spellcraft, I was hoping to get some input on the local situation.

Are there any local magic sources, aside from the Filial spirits, that can be tapped into or accessed? Are any of the local flora and fauna significant at all, mystically? Have there been any difficulties you've had using certain kinds of magic? Anything considerably easier?

In essence- What's the deal, anyway?

[Feel free to encounter him as he surveys the village and surrounding environs- he'll be doing odd things like marking, taking paint scrapings, and making notes on a map- or as he surveys the woods for a tree that will provide adequate wood for his staff.]
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Well, sure, I was just sitting on the roof. I mean, hey, it was a bit chilly, but I'm used to that. And I wasn't sure where I was, but hell, that's hardly any change.

The fact that I couldn't figure out how to get down was entirely irrelevant. I assure you. So there I sat, on the roof, scribbling in my journal.

The wings, it seems, didn't come off. Damn near fell off the roof figuring that out. They still throbbed.

The journal was an interesting thing, actually. It had my name on it. Apparently it updated to represent the journals other people used? I'd tried to look at it through the Sight. Luckily, the freezing cold was doing wonders staving off that headache.

I looked over the side again. Considered trying to climb. But, well, it was a rather tall building, and there weren't many handholds within reach. No. No, better to find some other method. So I'll just keep writing in that journal.


Hey. Don't know if there's some sort of etiquette to this... journal thing, or whatever it's called, but I have a question.

Where the hell am I, why do I have wings, and how did I get on top of this building without any clothing?

I don't think I was that drunk last night...

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Application details follow )
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Well, um. That  book I just found on the ground seems friendly enough.


This is the place for 'em. Poke me, ping me. Any way you want me, long as you love me, it's alright.

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 The Standard List

I'm typically game

Go for it.

Hugging this character: He's in favor, I'm in favor.

Kissing this character: Not on a first date; he's not that kind of guy. Nah, but seriously, Dresden is in a fucked up emotional place right now, so romantic involvement of any kind will be difficult for a while. And Dresden does not do the romantic thing frivolously.

More intimate stuff: What I said earlier? Goes double. Harry does not do flings, friends with benefits, or one-night-stands. He's a closet romantic, and even the closet isn't that deep. Also, I'm major uncomfortable with smut tagging. Sorry.

Punching: Hey, why not? Harry keeps himself in shape, but he's a mere mortal by and large, and so he's pretty much made of squish. If he deserves it, he probably won't even get pissed. If he does get pissed, though, he's gonna get... very pissed.

Injury: WOULDN'T BE THE FIRST TIME. I'd want OOC approval, and bear in mind he can regenerate from stuff other people never would. It'll take years, but he can do it. As always, please don't gm it.

Death: I'm going to want to discuss this in-depth before I consider it.

Anything not to mention in front of this character? I'd prefer he not be fourthwalled in-depth, but feel free to recognize him as a character from a book. Also, no spoilers from Ghost Story or the last half of Changes. I'll probably be canon-updating him when the next book comes out anyway, but in the meantime I'd rather keep him on his toes.

Anything Else:

Harry Dresden is a wizard. Not only that, he's an extremely powerful wizard, albeit not a terribly skilled or subtle one. His magic has been cut in half, thanks to the wonders of Luceti, but half of Dresden's regular power is still pretty goddamn potent. He can't reshape reality or anything like that, but what he can do is use the latent energy in the atmosphere and area around him, as well as his own emotional and spiritual energy, to channel massive amounts of force. He's fond of fire, air, and force magic. He's also good at ritual magic, and though he can do some pretty impressive stuff with it, it does take forever to do.

Here are some specific abilities.
I'm leaving it in the hands of individual players whether they affect their characters, and to what degree.

Magic Circles: Harry is capable of inscribing a circle and infusing it with magical energy. This does nothing against normal mundane people and normal mundane weapons. However, it will disrupt with the special abilities of humans with any kind of mystical or pseudomystical power, and it will stop anything non-human in its tracks. If done properly. Luceti, however, will render such things unstable- and, any physical disruption of the circle will completely eliminate the effect- toss something over the barrier, and the circle's down and he's ripe for the picking. If you come up against one of these, and you think you'd be stopped by it, your powers would be stopped by it, or you'd be totally unaffected by it, let me know.

Symbols of Faith: By channeling magical energy into his pentacle amulet- a symbol of his faith in magic- Harry can create a light that will ward off supernatural evil... In his world... Of course, it's a highly specific power to his world, and so it will not be reliable at all in Luceti. Some varieties of creature might be wholly incapable of approaching his amulet when he does this, others will likely be totally unaffected by it. Normal humans, of course, are automatically immune.

True Names: In Harry's world, there's a powerful magic to somebody's name. If you can master their name, with perfect inflection, with their own emotions and identity, you can use it against them. It's a vague sort of power- You can control them, to a point, though you cannot destroy their identity or who they are. You can simply immobilize them. You can even make them suffer. Or, more gently, you can use that name as a link to them, allowing you to focus on them with spells or simply to communicate brief thoughts and emotions with them. Harry, like most other wizards, collects True Names, though he doesn't use them as weapons- it's frowned upon, as stripping something of its free will violates the laws of magic. But they're still damn useful.
Plain and simple: Harry's adept at mastering somebody's real name after he hears them speak it. If he hasn't heard you say the name, out loud, in person, he won't have it. More significantly, if you don't want him to have it, he won't have it. He might make a mistake, get it wrong, forget a key element, or simply not have bothered to acquire it.

The Third Eye: Harry is capable of a form of mystical perception through which he can see the supernatural Truth of a thing, its aura and its magical energies, echos of its recent past and true nature, and any spells or supernatural abilities that have affected it lately. Such sight tends to be highly symbolic in nature. He doesn't use it at random, however; such sight is extraordinarily exacting, taking an incredible toll on his mind as the sights he sees are burned into his memory permanently. When he sees something through his sight, even brushing upon it in his thoughts will cause him to relive the memory as vividly as if it were happening again. He has learned many coping techniques for this, however, having Seen many times before. It is still not something he wants to do too often.
EDIT FOR CLARITY: The Third Eye also applies to the metaphysical truth of mundane people and items, allowing him to see aspects of their true nature and the emotional history of items. For instance, Karrin Murphy, a mundane police officer with the Chicago PD and a close friend of his, appears as an angel with fiery blue eyes, and her gun is seen as a sword of light and fire.

Soulgaze: Related to the Third Eye, you may notice that Harry doesn't ever make eye contact, and if he does never for too terribly long. This is to avoid the Soulgaze- when a wizard looks into the eyes of any mortal being, anything with a soul or a true self, he will see into the depths of their soul, and they'll see into his. He sees similar things to those he is shown through the Third Eye, but far more in-depth; their psyche, their inner nature, their past and their lives and their motivations, all in a simple symbolic representation. The amount of data conveyed this way is immense, but not specific- Harry does not truly understand somebody's entire being when he does this, but he'll see enough to understand the sort of person they are.
They will see the same thing in his, and while we're never given a glimpse into the soul of Harry Dresden in the series, we're told that most people who see it are visibly shaken by the experience. Some are ill. Some faint. Some are merely terrified. The few who've done so and spoken of it have given a few sparse descriptions- Michael Carpenter insisted upon it when they first met, and has since determined that Harry is one of the best men he knows. Johnny Marcone decided that Harry was dangerous, foolhardy, but trustworthy. Molly Carpenter described him as lonely, tired, and hungry. On the other hand, an rogue FBI agent with whom Harry soulgazed responded by screaming "I don't believe in hell!" and becoming violent. So, reactions may vary.
Obviously, if you don't have a soul, this won't work on you. (What constitutes a soul is vague; I'll leave it to your discretion.) It's also something Harry won't do without permission, though you can trick him into one or demand one from him. So, let me know. If you would like to describe their soul, or simply want me to extrapolate based on the character, s'really your call again.
Note: This only works once. Once Harry Dresden has soulgazed on somebody, he can never do so again. Molly Carpenter, for instance, can meet his eyes without causing any trouble at all.
EDIT FOR CLARITY: Yes, baseline vanilla human beings have souls.

And I believe that's it. Feel free to respond here, or tell me as we go along. When in doubt, I'll avoid doing anything that's iffy, so have at.

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Well, you know the drill. Let me know if my Dresden is not as Dresden as you think a Dresden should Dresden. Nitpicks, mistakes, et cetera. Try not to be a dick about it, I'm not doing it on purpose, I swear. Other than that, I'm open to feedback.


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